Our Roadmap

What we are working on and what you can expect in the future.

What's coming?

Check out our public roadmap to learn about the features that are coming next to CRYPSTER.

The CRYPSTER roadmap was created to help you visualize the changes that are being developed right now.  

We aim to be as radically transparent as possible and implement your feedback into the creation and development of the CRYPSTER Experience.
If you have any Questions feel free to send them to us at info@crypster.rocks.
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  • Redesign Of Login/Registration Page: UX Update
  • Automatic Distribution of Commissions
  • Fund Your Wallet With SEPA / Credit Card: You can use your Bank Account or Credit Card to fund your Wallet
  • Implement a unique QR Code at "Invite Others" & "Fund Your Wallet"
  • Build a Video Knowledge Base: An easy and accessible Platform for all Tutorials, Information on CRYPSTER and Crypto Trading in general and your FAQs.
  • Build a Step by Step On-Boarding Guide
  • Build a Mobile Application for iOS and Android: How cool is that?
  • Frontend Interface translated to various Languages
  • Redesign of the Distribution Network Dashboard: UX Update
  • Build a CRYPSTER Collateral Plattform: We create Ad-Templates, Guidelines on how to use the Crypster Creatives, E-Mail Templates, Post-Templates and other Creatives that you can use and download from a protected place.
May 2019
Update 1.1
A. User can select database-unique nickname during registration
B. User can switch nickname in TradeCircle
C. Nickname is embedded in invite-link
May 2019
June, 2019
Update 1.1
A.Customer-Service inside the Crypster Dashboard
B. Step-by-Step Onboarding-Guide
C. CRYPSTER Collateral Plattform
D. Big Surprise!
June, 2019
August, 2019
Update 1.2
A. Automatic Distribution of Commissions-Feature
B. "Invite Others" & "Fund Your Wallet"-QR-Code
August, 2019
September, 2019
Update 1.3
A. Video-Knowledge Base
B. UX-Update / New Login and Registration-Experience
September, 2019
Further into 2019
A. Mobile Application
B. Credit Card Funding