Crypster in Dubai

Cryptocurrency is on everyone’s lips. Although this new generation’s currency is still treated as a specialist’s domain we met a lot of enthusiasts in Dubai more than willing to invest in the future – among them even members of the Royal Family.

WOW, what an amazing time we had in Dubai for our Inaugural Event!  Dubai not only welcomed us with open arms but embraced us wholeheartedly. Everyone who attended the event reacted more than positively to the ideas of Speakers, our general Vision and of course to our service as such.  Even members of the Royal Family, particularly SHEIK KHALIFA BIN HASHER AL MAKTOUM, attended our event and honored us with their continuous presence and active interest and approved of our projection of the future to such an extent that he appreciated personal talks with our CEO.

Crypster in Dubai

Crypster is both lucrative and trustworthy – as testify traders all over the world.

Our event was hosted by Debbie Cassidy, who did an amazing job and kept the crowd firmly in her charming grasp. After introducing Andreas Seiser, who is one of the most important partners for Crypster, we had Robert Diem, COO of Crypsters’ technology provider AppGURU, who delivered a powerful presentation on the correlation between Bitcoin and all future digital ecosystems and layout the similarities between Bitcoin and Oil. The audience was fascinated by this bold claim which, in the end, turned out to be an astute observation of future market movements molded into a complex, yet easily understandable layout.

Next Crypsters from South Africa, UK, Australia, and the Netherlands joined us on stage and delivered powerful testimony why Crypster is both lucrative and trustworthy. The crowd was particularly touched by Dee Mdeka’s testimony – an experienced Bitcoin trader from South Africa – explaining how Crypster trades on her behalf and delivers better profits than she has ever achieved. Also, Debbie introduced the audience to the capable and charismatic Crypster trading team.

Crypster sets the course for the next generations

Finally, founder and CEO Volker Wainig spoke from the heart about how Crypster came to life. He talked about the origins of his vision and how he wants to achieve a legacy not just for his children but for many generations to come. His speech was inspiring and yet made you think about the near future. It was philosophical and at the same time about practical matters – which the audience thanked Volker for by delivering long standing ovations. Crypster doesn’t demand any subscriptions, it’s a free service that you can quit anytime.

Promising outlook on future collaboration between Crypster and the UAE

It was a great inauguration for Crypster and most definitely not the last time the team will travel to Dubai respectively the UAE in general. The openness and orientation towards progress that the Dubaians showed was mind-blowing – it’s amazing how a people can span such a wide bow between respectful tradition and open-mindedness in business – something that we all can learn a lot from.