Crypster - MLM Opportunity

What differs Crypster from MLM opportunities? Can you make money without introducing anyone else?

Ok, so let’s look at what we are discussing here in more detail.

In its core, multi-level marketing, respectively network marketing structures, always come with a prerequisite: that their so-called “partners” buy their products or subscriptions before they, in turn, can start selling them and therefore begin making money.
You must pay for something you might or might not need, mostly via a monthly subscription, which leads to an overwhelming fact: over 99% of network marketers actually make net losses, because they can’t sell enough products to begin making a profit.
Usually, the ones who really profit are the ones on top, in an incredibly imbalanced way.

Crypster, on the other hand, is a free service – that means there are no binding contracts or similar, you can basically quit anytime. It is not a product, that costs a specific sum to buy – it is an opportunity, offering you to allocate some of your assets (Bitcoin) to weekly trade sprints. When they create profit, you get a share of that profit. In the unlikely case that they produce a loss, we also share that loss in the same percentage.

Moreover, Crypster has an embedded referral system. If you like what Crypster has to offer, you have the choice to recommend it to other people. If you do so, a small percentage of the weekly trade profits that we generate with the assets that the person you recommended it to allocated will be directed to you. It’s quite simple math: we use some of the shared profit our traders produce for marketing – that is to get new clients. If you bring us, new clients, we give you what we would otherwise have invested in marketing. That way, everybody gets a fair share, nobody actively pays for no one else and everyone is happy.

Let me wrap it up: there are four major differences the Crypster Referral Program and any other MLM structure:

  1. Crypster doesn’t demand any subscriptions, it’s a free service that you can quit anytime.

2) You don’t have to pay to get a product – you can rather choose to allocate assets to tradesprints which produce shared profits after a week.

3) In contrary to 99% of people making net losses in MLMs, at Crypster 100% of the people make asset profits – except for the improbable case that our traders make a loss.

4) If you choose to recommend Crypster, you get a share of the profit that otherwise would be invested in online marketing instead of other people actively paying for your holiday in the Caribbean.