Why was Crypster founded in Romania?

We want our company (Blue Block Systems) to be based within the European Union. We decided to actively embrace the regulations and complexities that come with European law, rather than the camouflage of offshore, tax-saving safe havens which shady businesses prefer.

Crypster is more than just a service – it is driven by an ideal, trying to mend the grave disparity that has been introduced to the originally egalitarian and communal alignment cryptocurrency pursued. As such a project, it is of outmost importance that we, as it were, play with open cards –as much as the privacy and security of our clients and traders allow.

Why Romania? Being a comparatively young member state, Romania is still trying to position itself on the European market. Other countries, such as Germany or France, have long established themselves as market leaders for, say, steel production or in the automotive industry. But that’s not only a challenge – it’s also an opportunity: Romania is about to take on the European lead when it comes to developing cutting edge digital technologies, including everything needed for advancing the cryptocurrency market.
Highly skilled and talented Blockchain-Developers and Innovators in countless tech-spaces enjoy the benefits of the infrastructure being built for them by the Romanian government – along with the fastest and most widely available internet connection in the European Union.

Crypto is a world of change – and as much as we believe that it will change all of our lives, we also believe it will change the way we think about countries with slight prejudice. Who knows, maybe in twenty years, people will ask questions like: “Why the heck did you choose Germany instead of Romania when founding your Blockchain enterprise? What a bad idea!”