About Crypster

Crypster is brought to you by Blue Block Systems S.R.L. – our vision is quite clear:

we want to

  • Bring future digital developments and real human beings closer to one another
  • Empower everyone to take part in this classless and globally connected society
  • See our customers enabled to really use the advantages of the digital age with the right tools, no matter where they are from or what they do

The Crypster Experience

Our Team

Volker Wainig Crypster

Volker Wainig

Founder & CEO

Volker is a dynamic take-charge C-Level sales executive offering striking success to propel entrepreneurial startups. He is an innovator and entrepreneur with 15-years track record in business leadership. He's experienced in all aspects of business formation, operation, and management. Being a visionary product developer with deep education knowledge in sales and marketing. Volker shows the relentless drive as an initiator and problem-solver using creativity, resourcefulness, and assets to break down and overcome organizational obstacles.

Debbie Crypster

Deborah Cassidy

Head of Global Operations
AppGuru Crypster

AppGuru GmbH


AppGuru is a frantic Viennese software development company specializing in all-around apps for their clients. They create tailor-fit process driven solutions that tackle their client's individual problems, develop avantgarde hybrids between web and app experience and are pioneers in front end design. As tech-provider of Crypster, they are responsible for the technological framework and the respective apps solutions.