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What is Crypster?
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What is Crypster?

Crypster is the platform of choice for ordinary people getting involved in bitcoin trading.

We want to offer people from all backgrounds an easy but still profitable way to gain experience in the world of crypto. We still believe in its power to change the world for the better – and we believe it is here to stay.
Future generations will do their everyday dealings with cryptocurrencies – may it be called Bitcoin or something else.
That’s the reason we want to facilitate the access to this universe of possibilities – because we don’t want ordinary people to get left behind! Don’t leave conquering the market to the billionaires and banks of this world – let’s take matters into our own hands and begin our journey into the future!

Your Benefits

Crypster is a fair, balanced, careful and mutually beneficial system to offer you The World’s Easiest Crypto Trading Experience! There are many reasons why you should join our community first and foremost, we are a platform of shared knowledge and interest – we are closely observing the developments on the market of cryptocurrency – you’ll be the first to know if something major is about to happen. We are also a platform for “Crowd-Trading” – meaning that our community can trade your assets for you, sharing the resulting profits. You don’t have to actively engage in trading yourself, just watch how your assets grow in weekly trade sprints! While we cannot guarantee any results, looking back on our achievements up until now speaks for itself! On average, we have produced between 0,5% and 0,75% for our Crypsters every week! Furthermore, joining our community comes without constraints or fees – it doesn’t cost anything to participate in weekly sprints, there is no subscription, no binding – no hassle! Just weekly profits for all our Crypsters

Crypster - The World's Easiest Crypto Trading Experience - No Fees

NO FEES - We believe in a fair and mutually beneficial relationship - that's why we just split the profits and charge no fees.

Crypster - The World's Easiest Crypto Trading Experience - No Subscription

NO SUBSCRIPTION - There are no constraints or subscriptions – just weekly trade sprints you can participate in.

LOW RISK - Crypster doesn‘t aim to „get rich quickly“. We want to make sure that everybody keeps on winning – which is why we keep the risk as low as possible.

Crypster - The World's Easiest Crypto Trading Experience - Shared Profits

SHARED PROFITS - Together, we have enough weight to generate significant profits – which we share in weekly payouts.

The profit we created Together
Since January 2019


*This is no guarantee or promise on future performance.
**No compounded interest was calculated into that profit. 


W1: 0,385
W1: 0,44
W1: 0,085
W1: 0,612
W2: 0,67
W2: 0,65
W2: 0,00
W2: 0,684
W3: 0,585
W3: -0,37
W3: 0,33
W4: 0,72
W4: 0,535
W4: 0,465
W5: 0,49


W1: 0,09
W1: 0,52
W1: 0,23
W1: 0,44
W1: 0,69
W1: 0,41
W1: 0,80
W1: 0,60
W1: 1,01
W1: 0,39
W1: 1,04
W1: 0,29
W2: 1,14
W2: 0,23
W2: 0,31
W2: 0,17
W2: 0,53
W2: 0,61
W2: 0,53
W2: 0,63
W2: 0,46
W2: 0,55
W2: 0,49
W2: 0,43
W3: 0,98
W3: 0,15
W3: 0,28
W3: 1,03
W3: 0,88
W3: 0,64
W3: 0,21
W3: 0,47
W3: -0,11
W3: 0,48
W3: 0,17
W3: 0,17
W4: 0,56
W4: -0,16
W4: 0,18
W4: 0,54
W4: 0,80
W4: 0,28
W4: 0,68
W4: 0,68
W4: 0,54
W4: 0,43
W4: 0,11
W4: 0,55
W5: 0,35
W5: 0,52
W5: 0,51
W5: 0,58

Meet Crypsters
From Around The Globe

Crypster - Testimonial - Lelani
From South Africa

I am fascinated by cryptocurrency and the opportunities it presents to ordinary people. But I can’t say I understand the complexity around trading cryptos. For me, Crypster takes the cryptic out of Cryptocurrency trading. Fantastic Platform!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 19th, 2019
Crypster Testimonial Aaron
From the UK

On the off chance that you wish to be an extraordinary pioneer, make it your concentration to serve those whom you would lead. There are many individuals that need the power, esteem and pay that joins authority positions, however few need to take the necessary steps to really be a decent and successful pioneer. Develop your group, give them kudos for their work, acclaim their endeavours and reward them when they succeed. "Be the pioneer, that you would need to lead you". Crypster is changing the way trading platforms currently operate and I am proud to be part of a pioneering and innovative company.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019
Crypster Ron
From Australia

Low entry opportunity after refusing many over the last few years. Crypster is simple with low risk. Thank you Volker

Wednesday, March 20, 2019
Ivan Crypster
From Croatia

Simplicity! Publish. Promote. Profit. World’s local trading platform. You are more powerful that you think.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019
Crypster - Chintana
From Australia

Passive income with a low risk to entry for the non-sophisticated investor like myself, a perfect match!

Monday, March 18th, 2019
Brendon Strauss - Crypster Testimonial
From South Africa

Crypster Rocks! Its the first real way to get Bitoin Profits each and every week!

Monday, March 18th, 2019
Daisy Testimonial Crypster
From Botswana

I was introduced to the amazing business by my good friend Aaron. I never looked back and started sharing the amazing idea with my family and friends locally and over in my beautiful Botswana. My goal is to help as many people as possible globally. And I've met such amazing people and we are a family...

Tuesday, March 19th, 2019
Daniel Crypster UK - Testimonial
From the UK

Honestly Volker this is the only business that pays consistently. I had to take out most of the btc for some emergency and everything was done within 10 days. Now I have put back more than what I had removed. So I know now that it works both ways and more importantly we can withdraw in a planned way if really required. That's absolute trust. 🙏

Friday, August 9, 2019
Zeff Crypster Testimonial
From Australia

Experienced Team, Residual Income, Training and Support. All for less than a night out.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

News and Bragging Rights
We take the Cryptic out of Cryptocurrency


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You don’t have to actively engage in trading yourself, just watch how your assets grow in weekly trade sprints!

While we cannot guarantee any results, our goal is to make profits each week but sometimes we make a loss. Looking back at our results so far we have consistently achieved a better return on your money than leaving it in the bank or a crypto wallet.

Joining Crypster comes without constraints or fees – it doesn’t cost anything to participate in weekly sprints, there is no subscription, no binding – no hassle! Just weekly profits for all our Crypsters!

Every Friday 3 PM (CEST) we gather the daily bitcoin trade results of the weeks’ bitcoin trade sprint and pay out your share!